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Aeropuerto de Hannover

Aeropuerto de Hannover

Aeropuerto de Hannover


6000m2 granito Blanco Castilla
Espesor: 3cm / 4cm / 5cm
Acabado: Apomazado
Fecha de suministro: 2014

Hannover Airport has three passenger terminal concourses named Terminals A, B, and C. The landside areas with shops, restaurants, and travel agents are interconnected, but each has its separate airside area with a few more facilities. Terminals A and B each have six boarding gates equipped with jet bridges, while Terminal C has eight of them. Additional bus gates are available in each concourse. Terminal A underwent a major refurbished as the first concourse from April 2013 and reopened on 9 July 2014. The additional Terminal D to the east of the main terminal is a rebuilt hangar which is exclusively used by the Royal Air Force to transport British troops to and from Northern Germany.

  • Aeropuerto de Hannover
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